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Commonplace is a publication of Ecotrust focused on stories of home. An adventure in new digital landscapes as much as real geographies and communities on the ground, we invite you in each issue to visit singular places that are inspiring new ways of living and doing business, while wrestling with the challenges of our times. In form, Commonplace takes a cue from popular Enlightenment-era “commonplace books” — seemingly random, but in truth, often highly organized collections of miscellaneous items — notes, quotes, letters, images. Our hope is to create a place for discovery and connection, for mapping out what is common across nations, states, and human understanding.


Acknowledgments | New Pioneers

Thank you to the Deborah J. and Peter A. Magowan Family Foundation, Neukom Family Foundation, Autzen Foundation, ESCO Foundation, Travel Oregon, and Organic Valley, Inc. whose generous contributions made this project possible. 

Crossing the Green Divide: Alan Hipólito, Tony DeFalco, Alyssa Kocsis, Jesus Nunez, Jr., Jesus Nunez, Sr., Antonio Rojas, Ricardo Moreno, Yoni Peraza, Dechen Dolkar, Kasey Zamago, Kelly Gonzales, and Noah Enelow. Howard Kenyon, Bob Granger, Michael DeMarco. Matt Gordon, Anna Gordon, Eli Spevak. Verde, Portland State University Institute of Sustainable Solutions, and the Department of Academic Innovations provided funds to support the Cully photo project.

Raising Rough & Ready: Link Phillippi, Jennifer Krauss Phillippi, Joe Krauss, Larry Mason, Ed Reilly, George McKinley, Tom Tuchmann, Bettina von Hagen, Brent Davies, Aaron Nauth, Marko Bey, Arnulfo Tovar, Ivan Garcia, Elias Villa, Ryan Puckett, Marty Main, Linda Nelsen, Amelia Benson, Bev’s Trailer Park Cuisine, Mayor Carl Jacobson, Gary Buck, Jeannette Bosch.

Salmon Stories: Steve Petit; Bill Murphy / Thirteen.org; Bobbi Riggers / OWEB; Amy Kober / American Rivers

Walking on Water: Mike Noonan, Mike Reynolds, Ron Cole, Don Gentry, Teresa Penhall, Ron Bresser, Theresa Marquez, Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission, Rob Crawford

Rural Staples: Sharon Thornberry, Spencer Masterson, Oregon Food Bank, Judiaann Woo, Andy Fisher, Amanda Oborne, Zoë Bradbury, Danny DeSurra, Lee Pestana, Angela Moss, Jane Harshman, June Colony, Debbie Yarborough, Allison and Randy Bechtol, Barbara Pierce, Diane Brock, Gayle Thompson, Bob and Jean Bennett

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Commonplace issues

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  1. Issue 01

    Skeena Voices

    One of North America’s last great salmon watersheds faces an unprecedented — almost mythical — round of industrial development. A collection of essays, slideshows, and audio vignettes examines the history and resolve of people in this unique place, facing challenges all too common. Published Summer 2013.

  2. Issue 02

    New Pioneers